From May 2018 and onwards we are required to inform you when we collect information from individuals who register online (ref. Personopplysningsloven § 19).

This policy outlines information about data we collect and how we handle them (ref. Personopplysningslova § 18 1. ledd).

HavExpo and its managing director are responsible for the handling of the business’ management of personal information.

This website collect personal information through the following tools:

  • Google Analytics (visit analytics, statistics)
  • Google Maps (location data)
  • Google Web Fonts (visit analytics)
  • Youtube/Vimeo (visit analytics, visited data)
  • Contact form (name, e-mail, phone number)
  • Registration form (name, e-mail, phone number)
  • Language switcher

What is a «cookie»?

A cookie is an information capsule of sorts, a technology employed by most websites. It is a small text that is saved on your device, and can contain a wide variety of information about your use of a website. It may for example remember your login info so you remain logged in across sessions, which settings you’ve activated on the website, which pages you’ve visited on our websites, which links you press and so on.

Visit analytics and statistics

Google Analytics is a tool for analyzing the traffic on our website, delivered by Google Inc («Google»). The tool uses cookies to analyse how the user employs our website. This information is stored on Google’s own servers in the USA.

Google produces reports based on this information, and employs it to evaluate how the website is used. The information may be shared with third parties if required by law, and in cases where third parties process information on behalf of Google.

IP-addressses collected by Google Analytics are anonymized, and cannot be traced back to the user.

Read more about how Google processes data here:

Byrået Design & Profilering AS has access to our Google Analytics-data through their management of this website on our behalf.

Google Web Fonts

To secure a consistent appearance of fonts on all devices, this device employs fonts chosen to the website, which are delivered by Google. When you open a page on our website, your web browser will load the fonts you require in your device’s temporary storage and display them.

For this to be possible your web browser needs to connect to Google’s servers. Through this, Google receives data that your IP-address has visited our website. This is not information we have access to.

We use Google Web Fonts to secure a consistent appearance of the text on our website, as well as for aesthetic purposes. If your web browser does not support online fonts, the online fonts will be substituted by one chosen by your web browser.

Read more about how Google Web Font process the data here:

Additionally, you may read about how Google in general process data here:

Location data

Our website uses Google Maps to show our location. Google Maps may collect information about the visiting user, for example their location and IP-address.

Information collected by Google Maps is saved on Google’s servers in the USA, and we do not have access to this information.

Read more about how Google process data here:


We employ YouTube/Vimeo to show videos on our website. These services collect information such as your IP-address, which web browser you use, technical capabilities and information of your device, and when you visited.

Information collected by YouTube/video is saved on Google/Vimeo’s servers in the USA, and we do not have access to this information.

Read more about how Vimeo process data here:

Read more about how YouTube process data here:

Contact form

Our contact form collects the name, e-mail and phone number when submitting the form. This information is sent directly via e-mail to the recipient, and is not saved on our server.


Our registration form collects the name, e-mail and phone number when submitting the form. This information is sent via e-mail to the recipient, and a copy is saved on our saved. They are saved for up to two years after submission.

Language switcher

Ved valg av språk blir det lagret en cookie på enheten din som husker hvilket språk du har valgt. Slik vil du få det samme språket som standard neste gang du besøker siden med den enheten.

When choosing a language a cookie is saved on your device remembering which language you’ve chosen. This way you will arrive to the website in the same language on a later session on the device.


Byrået Design & Profilering AS and DigitalOcean Ltd. have access to personal information saved on our server via their managing, developing and maintaining our website.

The personal information saved on our web server is covered with the same security as the rest of the website.

If you have questions, requests into your information, corrections or requests for deletion, please contact:

Vidar Onarheim

Daglig leder, HavExpo

+47 469 20 337