The online store for Bergen Expo will open in April 2023. Here you can order what you need for your stand. Everything from furniture, lighting, screens, carpets, and yes, everything you need for your stand. Order easily and get an overview here.

What is included?

The stand rental includes the standard stand set-up with 

  • white booth walls (H=2.5 m and W=0.99 m).
  • Carpet tiles (standard blue)
  • Power socket, 1 pc. 16A 230V (2 sockets)
  • Vacuuming of the stand the evening before opening.


The standard depth of the stands is 3 and 4 metres, but this may differ for stands over 30 sqm.
At the top of all stands is a front carrier where the stand number and exhibitor name is presented.

All booths can be individually adapted for additional price.

In all booths it is the hall's surface that is considered the floor of the stand. In hall B there are plateau floors and in hall A there are fine floors.

Examples of services and items that are ordered extra:

  • Spotlights on booth
  • Power
  • Furniture
  • Carpet/floor coverings

Booth packs

To make it easier for you as an exhibitor, we have stitched together 3 different standard packages for equipment and stand decoration. The packages are adapted to booth sizes from 9 to 15 sqm.

1 16A courses are presented for each standard booth.