All hotels in Bergen and the districts surrounding the airport are ready to accomodate you for HavExpo, and one is well within their rights to choose and contact a hotel of their own preference.

As an additional service we have reserved a number of rooms in both Bergen city centre and in the airport districts, and we can help you get accomodated within these rooms while supplies last. Below is a list of hotels and room prices, send us an email at and we’ll arrange your hotel accomodations where you prefer.

HotellOmrådePris inkl mvaPris eks mvaMer infoAdresse
Quality Hotel Edvard GriegFlesland15501384LinkSandsliåsen 50, 5254 Bergen
Comfort Hotel Bergen AirportFlesland15501384LinkLønningsvegen 45, 5258 Blomsterdalen Bergen
Clarion Hotel Bergen AirportFlesland16501473LinkFlyplassvegen 551, 5869 Bergen
Comfort Hotel BergenSentrum16501473LinkStrandgaten 190, 5004 Bergen
Clarion Hotel AdmiralSentrum19001696LinkC. Sundts gate 9, 5004 Bergen
Clarion Collection Hotel HavnekontoretSentrum21001875LinkSlottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen
Thon Bergen AirportFlesland17951603LinkKokstadvegen 3, 5257 Kokstad
Thon Hotel OrionSentrum22952049LinkBradbenken 3, 5003 Bergen
Thon Hotel RosenkrantzSentrum24502188LinkRosenkrantzgaten 7, 5003 Bergen
Thon Hotel BristolSentrum24502188LinkTorgalmenningen 11, 5014 Bergen